Sunday, May 11, 2008

Awkward carrot

My DH and I do not have a green thumb. We are not great landscapers and do not have an eye for flora and fauna. A while back, we decided we would try a garden. I love fresh veggies and would take a fresh, warm tomato over a piece of chocolate any day. My dad was an avid gardener and I guess I thought it might be in the "genes" as they say.

Well over the weekend, Mark was weeding the "garden" when he traipsed on into the house with this...probably the funniest looking vegetable I've ever seen!

There is a spiritual connection to all this. The Bible speaks about bearing fruit, fruit that will last (John 15:16). So let me ask you a personal question, what kind of fruit are you growing? According to the seed packet, we should have enjoyed this carrot and all its orange friends a LONG time ago. Our carrot has taken a major time to grow, to say the least. How are you maturing in the Lord? Can you see growth or development or are you in a weird kind of place, stuck in a rut for years, much like our carrot? 

Do you know how long it took for this beauty to grow? Three years. That's right, for three years we have been waiting for something to sprout from our pitiful little garden. Take a look at the picture, I think it must be a boy carrot. How perfect that a mom of three SONS would receive such bounty! We have had a lot of laughs with its most awkward shape and at the risk of impropriety, I had to share it. But I pray you find yourself bearing fruit of a most abundant variety from your verdant figurative garden of faith and if you're so inclined, from the literal garden the one you might be growing this season. 

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