Monday, May 28, 2012

West Point graduation touchstone moments

This is not a glamour shot. 
Pictured here are the freckle face, orange hair ginger, the Hubs,
the Officer just after we pinned the bars on his uniform,
the weepy proud mama, the grandpa and the ministry-bound middle brother.
We are an imperfect bunch.
But we love each other.
And when not focusing on our own personal comforts which is often difficult for most people including myself and those in my clan.
We reach deep down inside and demonstrate support and care.

And this is what my oldest OS deserved on HIS day.
Not telling Nate how exhausted and hot we were (because I do not believe there are sufficient words and he was surely more tired and sweaty!) 
But rather standing next to our Soldier physically, emotionally and spiritually.
As he graduated from the United States Military Academy.
It was a privilege and an honor.
And if someone would have handed me a mirror,
And lipstick,
And some haircare products,
Or offered me a shower to freshen up,
You know, because an important picture was going to be taken,

I would have said no

And continued to hold my son's hand.
It was only after looking at this picture the following day
that I realized that we were all touching. I love that. 
Unconcerned about appearance,
Shedding tears of pride. 
No other place could I have been
Then next to Nate and surrounded by those who love him most. 
Making memories for a lifetime,
This perspiring, imperfect collection of people
Honored a man of integrity
Whom the Lord gave me for such a time as this
And I am richly, profoundly blessed to call him (and all those in this picture) my own. 


Kristi Butler said...

I love the way you love!

Jenn said...

I have been so weepy myself this week over all your posts and pictures from WP. I can't imagine how full your and Mark's hearts must have been watching Nate become a commissioned officer. And even if you had your own personal stylist on hand for these photos, you could not have looked more beautiful.

Gigi said...

What an awesome moment of your family's story..your history! So glad you were able to soak it all in (OK, literally). Love, love these words!! Congratulations and blessings to you all! I can't believe we both were at the spiritual commissioning and didn't get to meet. The Lord knows...focusing on what was most important at the time. So happy for you all!

Nicole said...

Totally teary eyed following his journey! Congrats to Nate and his entire family!