Thursday, April 24, 2008

West Point Mom = me

The wait is over...the package arrived...our son has been accepted to United States Military Academy - West Point! We were told that if Nathan was rejected, we would receive a phone call; if he was accepted, he would receive a package. Just as I was ready to go and speak in a middle school, my husband calls and says, "Nathan got a package from West Point." It must have nearly killed Mark to not open the contents but he resisted temptation. 

Mark captured the moment on camera. This is a very big deal. Our son will report to West Point bright and early 6:30 AM on June 30! 
He will attend six weeks of rigorous training 
(affectionately known as Beast) and after successful completion, begin his 47 month journey at West Point.
 I did not grow up in a military family so this is all so new to me. New terminology, new people, new experiences for all of us, especially our son. Our family will take him there and say goodbye and probably not hear much from him most of the summer. I am not crying as I type this which shocks me. I am proud, scared, overjoyed, nervous, excited, thrilled, sad and every feeling in between. I know the Lord is teaching all of us some lessons and has placed all these pieces together for His glory. I am the mama of a soldier, whoa. 


Denise said...

InCREDible! Praise the Lord for this amazing opportunity! What a FINE young man we have! Love, PROUD Aunt Neesy

MamaJenn said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say. Congratulations Nate!

gigi said...

Your first new word is HOOAH - it can mean many things, some of which are Will do, I understand, Roger, Okey Dokey, Affirmative, Over and Out, You Betcha and Amen. Practice it over and over again because you will hear it for the rest of your life!
We are so excited for Nate and will hopefully be able to see him next summer once we get there! Tell him to get used to losing in football, but still having spirit! I can't wait to see his haircut and his first parade will be awesome - take lots of kleenex. I don't have a child there, but I cry every time.
Stay strong! Love, Gigi

Delighted said...

Congratulations, Nate!!