Monday, December 31, 2007

It was Isaac's 5th grade Christmas band concert. Last year I took my mom to the big event and we were late. It is not a good thing to be late for Isaac's special events. He has a wonderful memory when it comes to those types of things. He's kind of like me, his mother, with stuff like that. We take things personally and our feelings get hurt easily. NEway, instead of running a quick errand at the mall, Mom and I decided we weren't going to chance it and instead determined to be there on time.  We were quite proud of ourselves when we stepped into the gym where the concert was last time and only four other people were there. We puffed with pride and I eagerly told Mom to smile as I clicked away at the camera to pass the time away until everybody arrived. I wanted to capture this moment to show Isaac how we were at the concert WAY ahead of all the other moms and dads and grandparents. 

We opened the thick auditorium doors and noticed the throng of people! We were hardly the first people to arrive in fact, if Aaron hadn't found us, we could easily still be sitting there!

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Wendy said...

That is something I would totally do!!! I was cracking up as I read this!! Glad you made it in the end!!