Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Celebrity Who Secretly Imitates Me

As if it wasn't bad enough, now a presidential candidate's wife is trying to copy me! 

Turns out that Cindy McCain has an orthopedic injury. It would seem I started a new trend. Let me connect the dots for you:

Her name is Cindy. My name is Cindy.
She sprained her wrist. I broke my foot. 
She is a fake blonde. So am I.
She's a Republican; me too. 
Her husband's name is John. My DH's name is Mark. They are both books in the Bible.

Is this a mere coincidence? Definitely not. Can you see where I'm going with this? Is it not astonishingly obvious?? 

If not, enjoy this brief video of me on one of my maiden voyages on my Free Spirit or FS as I affectionately call it! Notice my form, nice. 


Tomorrow is hard cast day. I haven't had one of those since the third grade. 


Denise said...

Wow - that is so freaky!! (i could not get the video to work but i did get to see the real thing yesterday).

MamaJenn said...

Wow... your right leg is going to be so strong!

Peas on Earth said...

The coincidences are ... well, stunning! I really need to quit reading your blog and write my own. Maybe if I break something, I'll have time to do it! (Something on a lower extremity, though, 'cause I gotta get me one of those scooters!) Love the video! :-)