Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Madonna, Flamingoes and Snails

I wish Madonna would stop trying to imitate me.  Last Tuesday, I broke my left foot. Today I learned that "The Material Girl" sprained her left ankle. Friends, this is not a mere coincidence. She must be reading my blog but really, she is taking her adoration too far. Be happy with the person you are, Mrs. Ritchie and leave me alone. Cha!

I have a new appreciation for flamingos - they rest on one foot. I assume the flamingo pose fairly often these days. Only my leg goes in the opposite direction. Just wanted to clarify. 

and snails. Did you know they get around on one foot? Hmmmm...Viva les escargots! You guys are my hero/es! 


Peas on Earth said...

I'm sure Madonna will be thrilled to discover that she is mentioned in the same post as slimy mollusks. No, seriously, you must have a lot of time on your hands now that you are off your feet ... :-)

Tricia said...

Your blog makes me laugh! You are so funny. No problem about the meal! I am so glad to help.