Friday, January 4, 2008

My New Ring Tone

While listening to my XM radio yesterday, I learned about some super cool new ringtones. The Center for Biological Diversity has free endangered species ringtones of some of the world's most threatened birds, owls, frogs, toads and marine animals. I've been using a boring ringtone for years now and I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to step into this new audio frontier. I'm ready to see people's reactions. I told my OS Nathan about this since he loves tree frogs but he's too "cool" to change his ringtone. Whatever, Nate, talk to the hand...However, my amazing husband downloaded the orca whale and wow, did it elicit a strange reaction from his boss while they were in a meeting! Very professional, wouldn't you say?

You've been looking for a band-bellied owl sound, no problem. Maybe you've been longing for a foothill yellow-legged frog sound, well, my friend, your wait is over. I can't wait until they have a penguin sound. (OM gosh, they just added it! Untold joy is filling my heart and soul!!!) According to the commercial, penguin sounds should be arriving shortly as the winter season progresses. I love penguins. Best animal in the world and I hope I'm not offending anyone but it's the truth. 

In the meantime though, in honor of my mission trip this summer, I have selected the Peruvian Plantcutter. Granted I never saw a Peruvian Plantcutter while in Lima but that's not stopping me. Tell me what you'd think of you heard this sound coming out of a lady's purse!

Check this site out yourself and let me know if you have changed your ringtone or


Nate the Great said...

The ringtone, is, well...interesting. Do you know if it's a mating call or not? You might want to check on that, especially if you plan on going back to Lima.

Lorri said...

I did the Crawfish Toad. I will miss David Cassidy singing "I think I love you" though. Great idea!