Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I collect typos

To the pooper who wrote a really dumb message on my blog- shame on you! So much for that whole honor thing, huh? I thought West Point raised people of integrity, if you are reading my blog again, Mr. Nasty Bitter Guy who claims to have gone to USMA, go call your mom. You mentioned that you don't even speak to her anymore...you don't need to write on my blog, just go and fix things with the woman who grunted you out of her body. I can't imagine her deserving such mistreatment and one day you will regret your actions. Been there, done that, my friend...sounds like an apology from YOU is in order...

and while I'm at it, welcome to the gun show! HA!

Now back to regularly scheduled blog posts...I collect typos. Here is one I found at a deli in Fishkill while we were dropping our son off at West Point. It made me laugh which is more than I can say I did about the stinker who left the blog comment which I have since deleted. I ate a really good portabella mushroom sandwich. They make good typos and sandwiches!

Hope it makes you smile, I thought it was pretty funny!


MamaJenn said...

You are too funny! I wish I could have read the comment, but it's for the best that you deleted it.

gigi said...

I wonder if you ran into the same guy we ran into in Saipan on Spring Break. It is amazing that a malcontent would hone in on a group of Army officers on leave and then proceed to bash West Point, the army and our government. Needless to say he was soon sitting alone and was avoided the rest of the trip. What a lack of social tact. So sorry you got hit by a hater - it won't be the last time I'm sad to say. Just give 'em Jesus.