Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Isaac and the Tender Tones

We are soon leaving for a family reunion to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. My mother's large extended family and the resulting very prolific brood will be gathering at cabins, hoping to avoid black bears and having wonderful fellowship together. Saturday afternoon, according to the official itinerary, we are having a talent show. After a short while of brainstorming, believe it or not, our gang has found a little bit of talent, go figure!

This weekend our family will be showcasing the following talents:

Aaron playing either the mandolin or the guitar.
Me demonstrating how to make a burp cloth - (the crowd will surely go wild!)
And then the musical sensation, Isaac and the Tender Tones which is quite possibly going to be the highlight of the entire time we are together. 

We are looking forward to the fun! I know it won't be American Idol but it will be giggles galore and that my friends, is something we all could use!

Aaron will not be performing this talent but it is unique...


Denise said...

We look forward to it! (i was not able to access the link).

Peas on Earth said...

yeah, no link, but I do hope you guys have a wonderful time!! nothin' like spending time with family and lots of hearty laughter and love. Blessings to you all!

MamaJenn said...

I'm pretty sure it was Scott who once referred to Pigeon Forge as the "K-Mart of vaction spots," but I have always loved the place myself. They really have the best taffy in America. And Dollywood. You have to go to Dollywood. I think Aaron could get good work at DW with the eyebrow thing. Please video the actual talent show! And then come see me when you get back. :)