Monday, July 14, 2008

Ten Reasons Why It's Better to be a Dorky 6th Grader than a Plebe

1. You are a higher form of life. There is nothing lower than a plebe (well, almost). Note chart: 

2. You can enjoy unlimited chews. No one is counting your bites. You can even swirl food around in your mouth and it's all good. 
3. You can sass at your superiors (although still highly discouraged) and not have to do push-ups. You may suffer other unpleasant consequences but not push-ups. 
4. You can also pass gas and not have to tell everyone or make noxious fume hand signals in the air to everyone around you. 
5. You have a first name and you have heard it said in the last 24 hours. 
6. You can say "Hey!" "How's it going?" "Hello, my friend!" or even make up your own salutation. These are just a sample of myriad greetings available to you as a dorky 6th grader! 
7. Your bed can be slightly messy and you can sleep under the covers.
8.  You do not have to memorize your mama's dinner menu six days in advance. 
9. You enjoy unlimited time for bodily functions! Woohoo!
10. You shower alone.

Four Reasons Why It's Better to be a Plebe 
than a Dorky 6th Grader

1. Cool uniforms with your name on them.
2. Better fireworks. Click here and here for details.
3. Honor, duty, country.
4. Huah. If you need a translation, you just don't get it.


Beth Anne said...

I think this is my favorite post and my favortie picture of Ike! And the chart was so helpful, I'm a visual learner! :)

Peas on Earth said...

Thanks for your comment!! I will add you as well. (I am just back from vacation so new posts will be forthcoming soon!)

Oh, and HUAH! (Even though I really LOVE dorky 6th graders!!) I was a youth minister for several years and considered 6th graders to be a thorn in my side, but ever since then God keeps sticking me with 6th graders in myriads of situations .... and I have come to absolutely LOVE them!!! HUAH for Dorky 6th Graders! :-) (And I also love a guy who survived being a plebe, so there ya go.) :-D

MamaJenn said...

Funniest. Post Ever. Did you come up with that chart on your own?

Peas on Earth said...

Might be easier to communicate via e-mail?

Oh, and I love the chart, too! I'd forgotten about it by the time I got to "if you need translation you just don't get it!" :-D