Thursday, September 23, 2010


It was BIG news in our family when Nate fell in love. The phone lines were abuzz as I talked to my mom at least every day giving her the latest update. We brainstormed, conferred, analyzed, considered, prayed, worried, imagined and everything else a mom and grandma could do when the oldest OS/grandson is smitten.

Here's how those conversations often went:

Me: "Mom, Nate REALLY likes Lu."
My mom: "Wow!"
Me: "Mom, he's using the 'L' word with her!"
My mom: "Wow!"
Me: "What should I do, Mom? I mean, he's using the 'L' word!"
My mom: "Exactly what 'L' word is he using?"

You get the idea. It was fun musing what was going to happen next and soon my sister Denise joined in on the fun. She has a close relationship with Nate and when he was home for a visit, he stopped by her house for dinner.

After playing with his cousins around and holding the baby Rachel, Denise had a heart to heart conversation with Nate. I appreciate my sister speaking truthfully to my OS about sensitive issues and reinforcing the solid Biblical principles we endorse in our family. I can always count on her.

As a bonus this time, Denise's romantic side offered Nate even more.  She suggested Nate give Lu some jewelry. Is there any girl in the world who doesn't like jewelry?

Denise didn't suggest this

A gold retainer necklace

or anything gross like this. But if Lu wanted a mouthguard necklace, Ike has a few he could donate!

nor did Denise recommend a trinket like this. It's just wayyyyy too personal, wouldn't you agree? 
A chewed piece of gum necklace = ew
Denise suggested something pretty and romantic, a gift similar to the one she received from her husband many years ago.


A silver charm bracelet. Nate loved the idea and as he talked about it with me, I thought of the two charm bracelets I own. 

The first one I received when I was 16 years old. I can look at each charm and tell a story about every one. For example, as a teenager I received a typewriter charm for my love of writing. I have charms from at least five different countries. While on our 20th anniversary celebration to Maine, the Hubs got me a lobster net charm. And my OS gave me a West Point charm which I cherish. I don't wear the bracelets very often but I love to look at them and remember. 

Once Nate decided to buy Lu a bracelet, I had the privilege of going with him to shop for the bracelet. He wanted my opinion and I must say I jumped at the chance. We went to a small, locally owned jewelry shop and he found a very sweet bracelet that we agreed would look so pretty on her. 

Then Nate decided to get three charms. The first charm he found was a tar heel because he's from NC.

Then, while on a trip to visit family in Greenville, SC Nate found a mustard seed charm. He picked this one based on the Scripture verse "if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20 Nate and Lu trust in the Lord and believe that if this is going to work, they need to have the faith of a mustard seed and rely completely on His will in their relationship.

The final charm my OS wanted for Lu was a plane which I thought was very romantic. In an effort to help, Aaron, Ike and I went shopping with him. We went to at least ten different stores to find the right plane charm. Btw, it is not easy to find an airplane charm. We found cheap airplane charms for a little girl's bracelet and other travel-related charms but Nate wanted nothing to do with them. He wasn't going to settle. Finally after dashing around the mall, just as the store was closing, he found it. As patient as Nate was in waiting for the right girl, he was equally resolute in finding the perfect charm, not settling for anything but the best. 

The little charm bracelet traveled to El Salvador tucked safely in his backpack. Lu's father had given their relationship his approval and it was their second night out as an official bf/gf type thing. They were sitting outside of a restaurant, a tropical breeze swayed through the air. Nate presented her with a mushy card, the contents written therein have yet to be shared with me (which I totally DON'T understand!) ;) but I do know how beautiful Nate's sentiments can be and I'm only his mom. It must have been super mushy. He then handed her the rectangular box and she opened it. 

According to my OS, Lu had a "positive reaction" and that's all I have been told.  I have asked, oh, trust me, if you know me, I have asked. I have a nasty family reputation of asking too many questions. Hey, I have a major in journalism, it's my nature. Currently "lips are sealed." Waa. Perhaps a sushi lunch with my OS will pry it out of him. Perhaps not.

The one thing I know is that a lovely young lady in Central America now has a delicate, silver bauble to remind her that she is loved by a really awesome oliveshoot who is thinking of her constantly.
More soon!


Meredith said...

What a beautiful gift. And what a STRIKING couple!

Denise said...

Sweet post! Gotta love a good love story!

Vanessa K. said...

Aww! Loved reading this! They sound like a wonderful couple. Mike gave me a charm bracelet last Christmas with our names and a cadet charm on it. Too sweet. I'm sure Lu loved it very, very much! Miss you!