Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cupid goes to West Point

Many important people have come to West Point.

Chuck Norris hanging with the cadets

Miss USA although not on the same day...

Miss USA - not too shabby
Geraldo Rivera has stopped by WP and so has
"Hi! I'm the Prince of Orange!"

Of course Presidents have traveled to WP and 

so has Aunt Em all the way from Ohio! 
Even Nate's Great Aunt Em stopped by WP!

Yet, I think that if you asked my oldest OS who was the sweetest person to recently stop by USMA, he'd say

Cupid brought greetings from El Salvador!
When's that guy gonna get some pants?

February 14, 2011 was Nate's first Valentine's Day as an official "boyfriend" or as they say in Spanish "novio."

Nate and Lu began their official dating relationship about seven months ago. If you haven't read any of the background story and you like modern-day fairy tales, click here and here and here.

I respect their relationship because it is based on the right things and they are trusting in the Lord as far as their future together is concerned. Long distance relationships are difficult but Nate and Lu seem to make it worth.

Can you say, "awww"
From the moment I met this young lady (and I remind my OS that I met her first so he owes me BIG time), I knew she was special. You know your son has a great gf when she asks YOU for Valentine's Day ideas. We conspired and came up with a plan. Since it is hard to celebrate this day with thousands of miles separating a couple, we enlisted the help of friends at West Point.
The look of love? EW!
During the day, Nate got a message that he had a package to pick up. He arrived at Central Guard Room and here's what he received.
Happy Valentine's Day 2011
As we all know, nothing says "Te amo" more than a flashy Spanish Valentine's Day card.  Interestingly, our WP Cupid connection doesn't speak a word of Spanish but according to Lu, the sentiments were just perfect. 

In addition, my oldest OS from the world's great parents got a gift certificate to Sushi King, a sushi restaurant that also serves deli sandwiches located in bucolic Highland Falls. ;)

The Hubs and me with our good friends who are also Cupids in disguise

If love alone could have flown Lu to West Point, I know she would have delivered her gifts personally. We pray my OS's gf's visa is approved in the near future. Nonetheless, we are thankful for good friends who believe in nurturing relationships between two awesome people. 

Last year for Nate's 20th birthday, he also went to Central Guard Room. After hearing his name blasted over the loud speakers announcing he had a special package. We sent him this...

Last year Nate celebrated his 20th b-day with Miley - HA!
He traipsed back to his room with this cheerful bouquet.

I don't know, which is better, teenybopper balloons of Miley Cyrus or the sweet love and friendship of a beautiful Salvadorena? 

What makes tulips more beautiful? A beautiful girl from El Salvador, DUH!
Speaking to my OS and hearing joy in his voice is cause for year-round celebration. Check out the pretty tulips Nate sent Lu! Incidentally the Hubs gave me tulips on Valentine's Day when we were dating. Good thing Cupid is a world traveler! 


Kristi Butler said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! So sweet!! What a beautiful couple!!

Hillcrest Cottage said...

Very, very cool and sweet!